Webinar #1
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Maximize profit by minimizing costs
  Improve your profitability by adapting the financial benchmarks of high-profit companies. Learn how to better manage:
Direct costs by service: Gain confidence by learning what’s possible.
Equipment costs and repairs: Stop over investing/spending.
Office, marketing and other overheads: The right balance is key.
Labor as percent of revenue: Control your biggest cost.
Operating profit, net profit: Benchmark against the best.
Webinar #2
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Improve efficiency by analyzing key performance indicators
  Improve your efficiency and personal income by learning how high-profit companies manage the following:
Overtime, by division: How much is too much?
Sales per hour: How to track and use it? What targets to shoot for?
Payroll as a % of revenue: A good reality check.
Return on Equity, Return on Assets: Learn what these mean to you.
EBITDA: Does this really matter?
Owner’s income: Set your sights higher!
Webinar #3
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Structure your sales team for maximum ROI
  Compete with the high-profit companies by learning how they financially structure and manage their salesteam:
Cost of sales team: Are you overspending?
Sales closing ratios: Earn higher margins, waste less time.
Bid rates and mark ups: Don’t leave money on the table!
Sales per full time equivalents: Improve your efficiency.
Top salesperson’s sales per year: Set higher goals.
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